Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What's your reach on LinkedIn? See who's viewed your updates.

How are your LinkedIn updates being consumed by your network? Who's interacting with them? If you're looking to build out your personal brand, establish trust with your network, or simply stay in touch with colleagues, this data can be enormously useful. If you haven't noticed already, LinkedIn lets you see how far and wide your update is reaching. You can see how many of your first-degree connections are viewing your update as well as any likes or comments you receive. These social actions drive second-degree views, which in turn can contribute to wider distribution if your content or message is engaging enough to spread this far.

Below is an example of my recent update about a fantastic article on the power of storytelling in business, To Persuade People, Tell Them a Story, by Dennis Nishi at WSJ. You can see that my update generated a total of 257 views, 3 likes, and 1 comment. It even expanded into my third-degree network.

To access the Who's Viewed Your Updates data, scroll down in your LinkedIn feed and notice it on the right hand side: