Sunday, February 03, 2013

What Time is the Super Bowl?

What time is the Super Bowl? That might seem like a straightforward question, but it's that time of the year again, so let's get down to SEO brass tacks. "What time is the Super Bowl" is one of the oldest and most widely cited search engine tactics. It used to be the Huffington Post that ranked first for the Super Bowl query, but now it looks like has gotten smart and built out their own "What time is the Super Bowl?" page with an optimized URL slug, text on page, and title tag. There are also hundreds of mostly legitimate sites out there looking to take advantage of a deluge of Super Bowl related traffic today. The catch is that Google has beaten them to the punch with their own native result--a win for users.

So, what time is the Super Bowl? Well, it depends on what time zone you're in.
  • What time is the Super Bowl in Eastern Standard Time? 6:30PM
  • What time is the Super Bowl in Central Standard Time? 5:30PM
  • What time is the Super Bowl in Mountain Standard Time? 4:30PM
  • What time is the Super Bowl in Pacific Standard Time? 3:30PM
  • What time is the Super Bowl in Hawaiian Standard Time? 1:30PM

There you have it folks, if you're wondering what time the Super Bowl is, you've got your answer. Super Bowl queries show that search optimization is as much about making the content you have discoverable as predicting queries and future demand.