Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Who are the Largest Advertisers on Google?

The bulk of Google's revenue comes from paid search, the company's flagship product, but who are these advertisers and how much do they spend? This information is obviously highly confidential and not even shared in Google's financial filings, but Kantar Media, part of WPP, published their own estimates of how much the biggest advertisers are investing in awareness and driving traffic to their websites.

The numbers are eye-popping, especially when expressed as spend per day (see below).  According to Kantar, IAC spent roughly $645,000 per day on driving search traffic to their various web properties, most of which likely went to and  Other advertisers aren't far behind, with a solid representation from online retailers (Amazon / eBay), financial services, and communications services.  What these advertisers have in common is that they either transact in high volumes online or are in fiercely competitive markets with high customer lifetime values.  One surprising company on the list is Blackstone, the private equity firm, which makes it's way onto the pack because of their ownership in Hilton Hotels.