Thursday, June 25, 2009

When Data is the Asset: DemandBase

Information is a big business. Hoovers, BuyerZone, and, to name a few companies in the data space, are firms that make their money by compiling and selling names and phone numbers. They slice the data a number of ways, enabling marketers to generate qualified leads with targeted lists for direct marketing campaigns. DemandBase, headquartered in San Francisco, is different.

While the company offers traditional list services similar to some of its peers in the B2B lead generation space, DemandBase provides something more innovative. They have created a way of identifying people who visit a company’s website and then enable that company’s sales team to follow up with these website visitors by providing their names, phone numbers, and other key information. In their own words, DemandBase “enables you to identify, reach and convert website visitors in your target market, including those who do not submit their contact information — the 95+ percent of all Web traffic we call ‘the silent majority.’” Essentially the company is using its existing data and mashing it up with IP addresses to attempt to identify a website visitor and then displays relevant contact information. I think of DemandBase like Google on steroids, as it actually delivers potential leads, not just traffic. DemandBase shows that the value of data is enhanced by relevancy, and they’re come up with an innovative way of making it relevant.


C Jeffers said...

Will - thanks for your posting about the technology for B2B website lead gen.

The first product in this space, and the one that distills the most detailed picture of the anonymous website Visitor, is VisitorTrack (

Will Hambly said...

@c_jeffers They look interesting too, just hadn't heard of them. Thanks.

Engago Team said...

More from other vendors (like LEADSExplorer): nnot just the company name but also information on what employees have been doing on your website: pages visited, time on pages, search terms used, referring website, language, geographic origin (not ISP location), ... all by visitor and by visiting company in order to be able to qualify the visiting company as lead.
Optimized Inbound Marketing from your website.

Will Hambly said...

Thanks Engago. This space is obviously large and growing. I'll check out Leadsexplorer.

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