Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Brown Baggin' It

Colt .45 is making a comeback, and some things haven't changed—-it still works every time. Colt .45 was the drink of choice pimps, beggars, thugs, and muggers during its heyday in the 80's when sales topped 2 million barrels, but now clock in at only half that. With a solid customer base of aging miscreants and pawn shop regulars, Colt .45 is looking to expand into markets and has it’s eyes set on the urban hipster crowd. Owned by the venerable Pabst Brewing Company, Colt .45 has hired Cole & Weber, a Seattle advertising firm, to launch a web and print campaign aimed at a younger, smarter, and higher-income crowd. The ads feature the work of comic book artist Jim Mahfood, the founder of 40 Oz. Comics, and highlight the exploits of malt-liquor fueled adventures. While "Tales of the Colt .45" may resonate with marketers at Pabst, I don’t see it reaping dividends with the younger market any time soon.

Billy Dee Williams: "I usually like to spend a quiet evening at home with a few friends and a Colt .45."