Wednesday, July 11, 2007

iPhone Hype

Almost two weeks ago, Apple launched what has been proclaimed to be a revolution in mobile telecommunications. Since the January announcement of the device, the media blitz surrounding the iPhone created such hype that it was impossible to exceed expectations. My guess is that those who shelled out as much as $800 for the phone and accessories may be experiencing the classic winner’s curse. While there is no question that the phone has created a new paradigm for mobile creators and employs an exceptionally intuitive user interface—my issues with the iPhone are that it is difficult to use from a physical standpoint and most critics appreciate it for the wrong reasons.

The virtual keyboard / keypad makes the phone a hassle to use. Did Apple completely ignore the anatomy of the human phalanges? The keys are far too close together for rapid typing or even punching in a phone number. The result is frustration and frequent use of the backspace button. I am not an iPhone owner because I am not willing to sacrifice keypad input speed for style.

Lastly, the reason the iPhone is interesting isn’t because it’s a sleek looking must-have device. With a fully-equipped web browser, Safari, Apple may reignite the browser wars, and has the power to change the tremendously lucrative world of search. With control over the search box on the iPhone, Apple could feasibly challenge major search providers, or sell the exclusive search rights for the device for a hefty sum.


Becky said...

I've still yet to see an iphone myself but I have also been reading a lot of reviews and comments about it and you hit many key points. In addition, it may not be compatible with Microsoft Outlook which makes the iphone unappealing to many in the business and corporate world. I think the keyboard issue is a major one, with many blackberry fans probably not pleased should they choose to make the transition over to the iphone. Aditionally, the plans are expensive and service can only be purchased through one provider, giving the customer few choices and if they don't get good service they are stuck.
That said, the media features of the iphone are apparently amazing and as an ipod/video player it is supposed to be the best ever. I think this gives us a glimpse into the next generation of ipods andng and will be the stepping stone for more media cell phones. While it definitely has it's flaws, the iphone is a step forward into future technology.