Tuesday, May 09, 2006

ASFI Collects

Asta Funding blew analysts out of the water once again as the reported earnings before the market today, beating the Street's projections by $0.07 per share. Giving the company an industry P/E of 20, the stock belongs closer to $50 a share.


Anonymous said...

yeah, but it is only a matter of time before Asta Funding goes the way of Enron. Once the Authorities catch up to Asta Funding aka Palisades Collection Agency LLC aka Pressler and Pressler their stocks are going to plummet. Considering that Asta Funding and Palisades Collection Agency LLC are one and the same company Asta Funding is money transferring or laundering. And Asta Funding commits Fraud in the Execution when collecting debts. Like I said it is only a matter of time before Astas boat sinks like the Titanic.